AlpsMun - Grenoble

How to get to Sciences Po

Some general insights and useful maps
Here is a map of downtown Grenoble with the most important streets, parks and squares.

Here is a map of Grenoble's main transport system in downtown Grenoble. During your stay you will need to take the A line (in blue) or B line (in green) of tramway.

How to get to Sciences Po Grenoble?
To get to Sciences Po Grenoble, take the tram B, toward “Gières Plaine des Sports”. The stop is called “Bibliothèques Universitaires”. From the stop “Victor Hugo”, it takes approximately 20 minutes to arrive.

Sciences Po is located on the other side of the road, 20m from the station.

Where can I buy tickets for the tramway?
To travel by tram in Grenoble, you must have a ticket. There are several options : you can either buy a 1h ticket for 1.60 € or a VisiTAG ticket valid for 3 days, for12,40 €.

You can buy the tickets at the agency located at the "Alsace Lorraine" stop or at the distributors located at each tram stop. Most importantly, do not forget to validate your ticket before each trip, no matter which ticket you bought! If you need more information about tickets or tram map, here is the website of the Grenoble transport agency : TAG - CLICK HERE

Where can I stay in Grenoble?
For your stay in Grenoble you have different options. Some “MUNers” will welcome you in their homes during the whole stay, so please contact us for more information. Another option is AirBnb, which offers many places in Grenoble. Prices run between 20 and 30 € per night, but book now to be certain to have room! We advise you to book with another person because most of the offers are for 2 or 3 people. If you’d like to book an accommodation with AirBnb, send us an e-mail and we will put you in contact with other people in your situation, so you can book together.