AlpsMun - Grenoble

Sciences Po

Science Po Grenoble is a public institution of social science, created in 1948. Every year 280 international students are welcomed in our institution. 29 associations have been created by our students in order to represent different fields of interest. AlpesMUN is one of the most renown student’s associations in Sciences Po Grenoble. Gathering the expertise in political science and international relations of many students, the aim of this association remains simple: to spread the well-known "MUN spirit" everywhere, by organizing its own MUNs (Model of United Nation). The main goal of our association is to bring students together to have better knowledge about geopolitical topics and to develop oral skills by participating to MUNs. Indeed, we send highly motivated delegates, so they can receive a stimulating and mind-opening experience. AlpesMUN also invites distinguished IR specialists to Sciences Po to hold conferences on burning international issues.